How It Works

Telehealth (Online)

  • Detail history will be taken. You will be asked to demonstrate movements to assess range of motion, strength and function. You may be asked to remove some item of clothing such as a t-shirt, for posture and movement analysis.
  • We will discuss findings and recommendations in a clear and simple manner. Our findings and recommendations are sent via email.
  • If exercises are recommended, these are demonstrated to ensure correct technique. The exercises are sent via email with specific instructions and video illustration.
  • Self management and activity modification advice is provided.
  • Follow up sessions will review condition and progress.
  • Further sessions are discussed if suitable

Face to Face

  • Complete a questionnaire detailing past medical history prior to first meeting
  • Initial assessment will discuss questionnaire
  • Hands on physiotherapy and electrotherapy modalities are used were appropriate.
  • An email with a video link to a home exercise programme is provided.
  • Further sessions are discussed if suitable


Research shows that physiotherapy interventions delivered online are:

  • Cost effective
  • Convenient and flexible
  • Empower people to self -manage their conditions
  • Reduces waiting time

Online physiotherapy is useful for individuals who have difficulties accessing  face to face physiotherapy due to mobility restrictions, symptoms such as fatigue or breathlessness, living in remote areas, work commitments and problems accessing public transport.

What if I am not tech savvy?“. Not to worry, I will talk you through the very simple and short instructions of how to set up online.

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