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WellRestorer is a personalised mobile physiotherapy and health coaching service that uses a holistic approach to help Reduce Focus On Pain , Promote Self-Management And Maximise Daily Function. A personalised plan of care is delivered  either in the comfort of your home or online, via the internet.

We help people living with long term (Chronic ) Health Conditions  to become Independent, Be More Active, Feel In Control And Return To Activities Or Lifestyles They Desire. 

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Have you ever thought about the following questions:

  • You have tried to exercise but have given up because it worsens the pain?
  • They tell you, you need to be physically active to maintain good health but you feel tired and exhausted all the time and would prefer to curl up on the sofa?
  • On your good days, you’ve done so much that you’ve triggered a flare up? On your worst days with pain or fatigue, you’ve done too little and feel hopeless? You are fed up because you just can’t find the right balance!
  • Do you feel stuck in the persistent pain cycle?
  • Does the pain make you feel unhappy and frustrated ? Is it starting to affect your relationships, work life and emotional wellbeing?
  • Are you desperate to feel well physically, mentally and emotionally , despite the pain?

A “yes” to any of these questions means you are in the right place.